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Setting up Google Custom Search Engine and integrating AdSense

This walkthrough takes you through the steps of setting up a Google Custom Search engine and then shows how to integrate the use of one's Google AdSense account. earnings from site/web search

Do HTML meta-descriptions matter?

Many claims have been made about the importance of meta-descriptions for search engine performance. This article shows that meta-descriptions are a waste of time. Are meta-descriptions important?

Google PageRank's effect on pages in the Main and Supplemental Indexes

Although Matt Cutts mentions the connection between PageRank and a given page's likelihood of being in the Supplemental Index or not, very little is said beyond that. This article describes an experiment performed using this site as the guinea pig.

Note that no site visitors were harmed during the execution of this experiment. Google PageRank and the Main and Supplemental indexes

SEO competitions, Yoshirolla Kilomantra

Although I haven't liked a single SEO competition that I have seen so far, I've finally come across one that actually has a number of points of merit. Yoshirolla Kilomantra

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CSS Custom borders and corners

A method for adding custom borders and corners to container elements using only CSS and a single image. And, although Javascript is not required, Javascript can be used to maintain the semantics of the HTML, at least until the Javascript is executed. [Example without Javascript] [Example with Javascript] [Discussion] [Implementation]

Javascript extended processing/loading time notification system

A method to easily display useful information to the user informing them of processing or loading going on in the background. [Discussion] [Implementation]

Javascript thumbnail to full size image viewer

Using DOM scripting DHTML methods to place and size image elements, it is possible to provide a method to expand the size of thumbnail images to display full size without requiring a new page or a page reload. Thumbnail images expand partially and then fully during onmouseover and onclick events respectively. [Simple Example] [Complex example] [Discussion] [Implementation]

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