Bits 'n' Bytes articles

Earnings from site/web search

A how-to that takes you through the steps of creating a Google Custom Search engine and then shows how to use of one's Google AdSense account to earn revenue from ads displayed within search results.

Don't waste your time on meta-descriptions!

How many claims have been made about the importance of meta-descriptions for search engine performance? This article proves that the use of HTML description meta tag has no effect on performance in the search engines.

Does Google care about validation?

This is the first entry in what will hopefully end up being a sequence of tests to try to determine what types of errors can negatively effect a page's relative chances for being indexed.

In this experiment, the page has been created with no doc-type, no html, head or body tags.

SEO Competitions, Hate 'em, but not all of 'em

Generally I hate not only the idea of SEO competitions but more often than not, their implementation, which leads to the strong dislike in the first place.

But, I recently came across one I actually like! I also think I just stuck my foot right in the middle of it but such is life.

Google PageRank and the Main and Supplemental indexes

I wanted to see what kind of effect a significant change in PageRank could have on this site's pages in the Supplement and Main Indexes. The experiment I performed had a significant impact to the extent that I lost over 25% of the indexed pages of my site before recovery began.

I would strongly urge everyone to "Do not try this at home!".