Benefits of Opting for Antigua And Barbuda Citizenship

If you want to live a fulfilling life, then you should aim for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship. The citizenship provides you multiple benefits that help you to enjoy your life further. In other places of the world, for example in bigger countries, getting citizenship is not at all easy. Also, there are several restrictions on liberty. But this is not so in Antigua and Barbuda. The whole process is simple to understand and implement. You get full administrative support from the national authorities of the countries. Carry on reading to specifically know about the benefits.

No Restriction on Nationality

Irrespective of the nationality that you currently have, the rules say that there is no bar on the nature or status of nationality when you are applying for citizenship.

No Tax on Foreign Income

Do you have a business in foreign countries? Are you willing to operate the business by being a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda? You would be related to know that the income you earn is absolutely free of any kinds of taxes. Hence, you can freely go for more investments and profitable businesses.

Quick Process

Another extremely advantageous attribute of the processing of citizenship is all types of administrative obligations are quickly met and completed. There are no hassles at any stage of the procedure. It takes merely 3 months to get citizenship. For processing the passport, the administration takes a maximum of 1 month.

Dual Nationality

Do you want to hold on the nationality that you currently have? There is absolutely no problem in this! The government of Antigua and Barbuda allows you to stick to your original nationality, besides getting a new one from the nation. There is a flexible provision of dual nationality offered to you that you can enjoy.

Trade Without Duties

You would be happier to know that if you conduct any trading business in Antigua and Barbuda, there are no duties imposed on the activity. Even if you plan to scale up the trading activity, there will be no duties on your business by the authorities.

Great Investment Opportunities

There are lots of lucrative opportunities for any businessman to invest in various businesses in the island country. There are modern facilities to support you. Also, you get complete administrative support from the government.

Safe Environment

You can spend a soothing, satisfying life with your family in Antigua and Barbuda. The environment is safe and sound for every person.

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