Five Popular Floral Arrangements

Flower Box Dubai

Florists have the skill of selecting and arranging individual flowers to form beautiful flower arrangements in a flower box Dubai. The boxes or bouquets come in different styles depending on the choice of flowers and the technique employed in the process. Usually, florists work independently and deliver a finished product based on the guidelines issued by the client. In other instances, the client and the florist work together step by step in creating a customized floral arrangement specific to the client’s requirement. Floral arrangements are commonly used in functions and events.

Popular Floral Arrangements

There are five popular kinds of bouquets for different functions. Waterfall bouquets incorporate flowers and vines just as the name suggests giving that dropping illusion of a waterfall and are strong statement pieces. Round bouquets are commonly used in both official functions and semi-formal parties. They embrace a round shape and are tied strongly at the base to retain this shape. Nosegay bouquets are smaller variations of the round bouquet. It features an attractive central flower in the middle surrounded by different smaller flowers, all trimmed to the same size and tied at the base commonly used in weddings by the bridal party.

Hand-tied bouquets are available for a casual feel commonly used in farmhouse style setups. They comprise a small bunch of randomly arranged flowers and loosely tied to avoid that formal look seen in most bouquets for occasions. Contemporary bouquets spell out elegance and effort due to the nature of the arrangement. This kind of bouquet combines plants and flowers alike, different colors, textures, and flower grades are used. Rare flower species are usually incorporated in this bouquet style, and the final product is generally very modern and eccentric.

Benefits of Floral Arrangements

So why opt for floral arrangements? A lot of people do not understand what the fuss usually is with decor and flower arrangements. It takes the finished product for people to realize and appreciate the art involved during the process. Flower arrangements are beneficial in improving the general aesthetic of a place. They modify the beauty of flowers by placing carefully picked out flowers together in a unique design.

They also cater to special needs such as funeral wreaths, wedding bouquets for the bridal party, and exceptional hair tiaras as a beauty accessory, among other uses. The versatility of floral arrangements makes them ideal for decorating gardens, gazebos, and other outdoor areas. They can also be used in a domestic setting for decoration purposes. Upon buying flowers, if for your personal use, the shop attendants can always come up with an arrangement for you that is easy to transfer into a vase.

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