What Is an Access Control System and Why Should You Use It?

Access Control Dubai

Every business in Dubai needs top-notch security solutions to protect their business and employees. An access control system monitors who is entering a particular area and when. Depending on the location, this person can be an employee, visitor, guest or a contractor. The site could be a residential complex, building, parking lot or a construction site. This type of security is referred to as a physical access control system. You definitely need access control Dubai to make your workplace safer.

What Is a Physical Access Control System?

These systems use plastic cards that enable entry and exit of people. This data is used by companies to track movement of people allowing them to understand how their location is being used. In today’s day and age, having an efficient access control system is the simplest way to manage security needs.

Why Use Access Control Over Using Keys?

People have numerous things on their mind. With work deadlines and maintaining their various commitments, it’s easy to forget or lose material possessions. A cashless economy points to the fact that we’re now more comfortable adapting to an all-inclusive digital environment.
An access control system will completely eliminate your need to carry keys. If you need to access multiple rooms, cabinets, drawers or spaces, installing a system will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Increased Security

Some key points to take note of:

Who has access?

Isn’t it wonderful to have full control over who is entering your space, spending how much time in there and knowing when they’re leaving? Gaining this knowledge will make operations simple and free of worry.

Circumstances under which access is provided

You’d agree that not all people need access at the same time. An access control system makes it visible whether someone is misusing resources and property or not. For example; construction workers are allowed entry only on the site and in the canteen.

Time of access

You can enhance the system a step further by delegating time slots for certain categories of people to have access.


This easy tracking system allows you to track and determine who interfered with your location. You can use this data to make your premises better.

Top-most technology

A card or a badge is provided to individuals to identify them. Other identifiers include biometric systems and a passcode.

Online access control system

For end-to-end security, an online access control system enables all-round security. Different departments from HR and accounts to marketing and sales can be integrated together and looked at collectively. In Dubai, most companies enable access to CCTVs as well to enable all-round security solutions.


These online systems can be upgraded depending on need. If the business expands, these access control systems have the bandwidth to expand their functions.

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